Did you know that this species can only be found in the Mediterranean Sea?

The Posidonia Oceanica is a marine plant and not an Algae as it has a root, stem, leaves, fruits and flowers. It forms dense and extensive underwater meadows which can be found (40 meters deep)  t depths of 40 meters with leaves that can be up to 1-meter long. They can be found in such places as Formentera, one of the Balearic Islands. Here, an 8-km long Posidonia was found. One of the largest living being on earth.

The Posidonia is an endemic species which belongs to the Mediterranean Sea. In 1999 the Posidonia meadows between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera were declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.


Posidonia represents one of the most valuable species as it gives the water a unique transparency by filtering sediments. It also helps to maintain the quality and oxygenation of the underwater ecosystem where more than 400 marine plants (species) and 1000 creatures feed and reproduce. It is an oxygen lung for the ocean which helps to mitigate the climatic impact on the marine ecosystems. Each square meter releases 20 liters of oxygen per day. Also, the Posidonia creates berms in the sand and prevents beach erosion. 


How can I help Posidonia through Fitplanet?

5% of every purchase you make will go to the “POSIDONIA 2021” project. This is a study to protect and repopulate a Posidonia meadow of 600 hectares.

The objective is to increase the awareness of the protection of this species in the ecosystem, especially among the fishermen, to avoid fishing with trawl nets over these meadows. Our target is also to search for financing for other Posidonia rescue projects which aim at cleaning the seabed, improving energy transition and marine mobility.

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Para más información visita: posidonia2021.org.

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